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Restaurant | Sipho's Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurants are gathering places for that most social of human rituals: sitting around a table to share a good meal with friends, business...

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Jamaican Restaurant

Jamaican Restaurant | Sipho's Restaurant and Cafe

At Sipho’s Restaurant and Café, we specialize in the most typical Jamaican dishes. Our menu includes our world-renowned Jerk Chicken...

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Catering | Sipho's Restaurant and Cafe

In today’s world, many celebrations are held in private homes or places of work. It’s easier to gather a large group of people for a business/training...

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Welcome To Sipho's Restaurant and Cafe

In recent years, Jamaican cuisine has gained popularity throughout the entire world. Part of the reason is that Jamaica has become a popular destination for cruise ships and tourism in general. The mountain ranges, the clear blue skies, the spectacular beaches of sandy white powder are top attractions. Besides, the food is alluring: the ingredients used to prepare its native dishes are healthy, natural and the end result is a wholesome and very tasty treat for everyone’s palate!

The ethnicity of Jamaica - with its strong Spanish, British and French influence, along with its local fish and spices, has brought about a spicy, very trendy cuisine. And in today’s global environment, we have transported the fabulous allure of Jamaican cuisine to the very heart of Chico, California! At Sipho’s Restaurant and Café, our expert chef takes pride in preparing creative and original dishes and our professional, friendly staff takes pride in serving it to our customers.

On the many occasions that we celebrate – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, family get-togethers, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day- be original and bring your family and friends to experience a new, different cuisine which they may have never tasted before. Sipho’s Restaurant and Café will make sure that the occasion is a memorable one and you return to us again and again!

Act now! Call us to make a reservation for you and your family or friends and you will be very pleasantly surprised!

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